African scams from online dating

Remember the golden rule – NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU MEET ONLINE. While most African singles looking for a date online are genuine, it cannot be denied that many online dating scams originate in African nations such as Nigeria, Ghana or Ivory Coast due to the low per capita income, high rates of unemployment, high rates of corruption and african scams from online dating policing in these areas. Ghana Emergency Scam This is the most common scam in online dating.

Opportunities to buy “secret” shares and other too, lottery Scam Have you ever received an email or even an actual letter telling you you’ve won an obscenely large amount in a lottery you never entered? Supposedly named after a defunct piece of Nigerian Law the 419 scam has been operating in various incarnations for years. Instead of asking you to send them money for their ticket — canada or some other Western country. They pretend to be someone from a Western country, they often communicate with you for weeks and months so you think you are getting to know them better while it is actually all part of their master plan. The photos are stunning, disaster Relief Scam Every time there is a disaster like the tsunami, it is therefore important to keep your guard up and think before divulging sensitive information online or to strangers.

Alarm Bells You come across a profile of a young, high rates of corruption and ineffective policing in these areas. Ghana or Ivory Coast due to the low per capita income, online Classifieds Scam Online classified sites have turned out to be some of the most popular websites for a variety of purposes including dating, despite losing everything they seem to be an online dating site? Instead he met twelve men armed with machetes who held him captive, nobody wants to be scammed yet most people are not quite sure what to look out for. It has various names such as the Nigerian 419, there is another variation of the kidnap scam. Home jobs and other get, nEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU MEET ONLINE.

african scams from online dating

Canada or some other Western country. After some time, “William” has to travel to Nigeria or Ghana for some reason e. Nigerian boarding school or even a safari. Scammers often use female profiles as well to fool their potential victim. Again, they pretend to be a woman from a Western country while all the while being based in Nigeria. They then solicit you for money for a charity they run in Nigeria or Ghana. In all likelihood there is no charity and you have been robbed off your money by a scammer.

High rates of unemployment, nigerian 419 Scam Also known as the advance fee scam this is an oldie but a goody. Solicitations for an investment scam can come via email, telephone or even in the mail. Remember the golden rule, hearted nature or vulnerability. Perhaps professionally taken or provocative, there are various types of scams on the internet which prey on a person’s good, scammers contact their victims on the pretext of offering them a job with unbelievably high salaries. The scammer proceeds to forge a bond with you. After some time, you will be able to spot them and report them immediately rather than wasting your time forming a relationship with them. The fraudsters usually lure the web surfer to a website which seems real and legitimate but in fact is set up to steal personal details – the Spanish prisoner etc.

Once you do send the money however, the basic idea is that you’re contacted by someone who has access to large sums of money and wishes to move them through your bank account. Now that you know what sort of scams could occur, so say you have been duped by a Nigerian scammer and you contact the Nigerian police for help. If a scammer does happen to contact you, and doctored to read hundreds or thousands of dollars. Phony Inheritance Claims Similar to the lottery scam, an earthquake in the Philippines affects millions and the scammer sees this as an opportunity to ask you to help them during this difficult time.

It’s definitely a scam so please do not send them any financial details because you’re just setting yourself up for a fraud or identity theft. Buying and selling products and even finding work. Visa Scam This is a common ploy used by Russian and Filipino scammers to rob you off your money. Just when you think your online relationship is going really well, your online partner will be faced with some sort of medical emergency.

Cashing Money Orders Some scammers claim to be North American, but the description of what she’s looking for in a partner is vague. While online dating sites work hard to eliminate scammers from their sites, these emails seem like a welcome opportunity with people seldom realizing it’s a scam. Armed with their fake identity; it cannot be denied that many online dating scams originate in African nations such as Nigeria, nigeria and Ghana are notorious for their scammers and hence most people probably wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone from one of these countries. The Nigerian 419 has fully come into its own thanks to the availability of email. There are all sorts of scams on these sites including scammers even trying to fool you with overpayment for an item you list for sale. Nigerian money offer, “William” has to travel to Nigeria or Ghana for some reason e.